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How much money to Hot pot beef offal

Nowadays, there are a lot of hotpot restaurants in the food and beverage market, and entrepreneurs want to enter the hotpot market to share the great market wealth of the hotpot food and beverage market. However, in the market many Hot pot entrepreneurship projects favored by the investors, and the ability to attract investors to join the only beef offal Hot pot so small, hope and every investors to share in the next time is how much money Hot pot beef offal join?
How much money to Hot pot beef offal
How much beef offal Hot pot to join? The investment scale is different, Hot pot beef offal, join the cost will vary. Tokusho joined between 12 – Hot pot 450 thousand yuan fee, investors according to the geographical situation and its own financial strength to choose their investment scale, no matter what the scale of investment shops, the headquarters will give consistent service.
Delicious more money, food and beverage industry investment choice Dezhuang Hot pot to join Hot pot characteristics to help you easily create wealth. Tokusho and Southwest Agricultural University by Hot pot to create composite enzyme technology “German Maodu” and “green grass duck” won the national science and technology progress third-prize business. How much beef offal Hot pot to join? The Chongqing Hot pot Association recommended dishes, dishes with the gold medal competition advantage, the franchise launched a green storm in the country, “German Maodu” market valuation reached 11 million 170 thousand yuan.
Not only that, investors in the investment after joining the headquarters, but also to your investors super strong support, to ensure that each of its investors to join the brand will be able to easily benefit. While small investors also believe that in reading the above about how much money the beef offal Hot pot to join, can wealth gains their ideal of life fast achievement, in exchange for their wealth to the future.

How can you join the fragrant sheep hotpot restaurant?

When it comes to sweet sheep Hot pot shop, no one actually have tasted the consumers of canal praise, many smart people and they found this opportunity, they feel that rely on the join venture can bring huge change for themselves in sheep Hot pot. Then, how can the fragrant mutton sheep hotpot shop join in? In the end, in the process of the implementation of the process, what is particular about?
Spicy sheep hotpot shop to join
First of all, to join the cost investment is the most critical point, 100 thousand to 200 thousand of the funds to join you, to be able to meet the other requirements of the threshold to join, this is the number of sheep on Hong Hot pot store how join the most answer for a place in the key. In fact, 100 thousand yuan of funds, you can get the brand to provide you with professional management, consultant management and team building, staff training, promotion, store location and other aspects of the service, very good.
Secondly, to the brand headquarters to consult, and signed a cooperation agreement. You know, to brand headquarters, brand shop consultant will tell you specifically about sweet sheep Hot pot has the advantage, for example they launched different types of Hot pot in different seasons, spring should be less jealous, eat sweet, Hot pot brand position launched Hot pot curry, satay Hot pot and so on, is able to meet many consumer taste buds.
As a matter of fact, the question about how to join the topic is how the fragrant mutton sheep hotpot shop joins in. This part of the information can completely answer the doubts in our hearts. To be honest, as long as 100 thousand of the funds invested, as long as the brand to consult, you can cooperate with each other, there is no easier than this franchise conditions. Just imagine, now join, may be a month later can return to this, and now join, a month later, he can become the manager of two or three stores, why not try?

How to improve the profit of chafing dish franchise?

Improve the profits of hot pot franchise, first of all, control the front hall, low-priced, perishable goods
Chongqing cubs hot pot is successful, that is, from the details to control. For example, toothpicks, disposable chopsticks, disposable cups, paper napkins and so on, although the cost is low, but accumulated a lot of money. So the proposal stated, if the guest is not required, the lobby as far as possible the use of ceramic dishes, avoid the waste of disposable paper cup, each table for only 8 napkins once, not single supplement (of course, depending on the situation). In this way, 1 months down, napkins save more than 600 yuan, paper cups and so on, save 200-300 yuan.
Increase the profits of chafing dish stores and shorten kitchen waste
Some can use it to the dustbin, which mainly refers to the scrap without reasonable use, for example: one is about 5 pounds of beef, in order to get rid of the two forming good, and some meat, at least 200 grams to 250 grams, but many kitchen practice is the most of the meat away. In fact, these can be used as beef balls, this is a part of the net profit. It is suggested that each chopping block make a list of the waste generated by this post, and all the collected ones can be collected together to increase profits.
Increase the profits of chafing dish franchise, make good recycling
The recycling mentioned here does not mean the “saliva oil” that the guest has eaten, but the dishes that the guest has not moved. This is mainly because the vegetables, meat on the table, color and quality will be reduced, can no longer use. Don’t underestimate the vegetable portion of the profits, the price of vegetables in winter is relatively high, with lettuce as an example, the winter to reach 5.5 yuan / kg, sell a 3 yuan (about 150 grams). After the meeting, remove the rotten leaves, about 10% of the loss rate, wash out. This part will make a net profit of about 5% to 10% a month.
Increase the profits of hot pot franchise, the installation can not be with the individual mood
For the swing plate, which is also very exquisite, must not look at the mood, increase the weight of dishes and swing the way. For example, meat, in general, a weight of 8, two, 3 sets of plates, each layer about how many pieces, the error can not exceed 5-10 grams.

The most fire food franchise projects: spicy hot pot nest, delicious, not lit, get rich good helper

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasing demand for fashion food, various types of brand restaurants continue to emerge. Secret spicy nest pot, with its unique taste, fresh ingredients and thoughtful service, has been loved by people, and stand out in the food and beverage market, has become the first choice for many investors to join. Well, what about the spicy hot pot soup? Secret spicy nest hot pot, good not lit, get rich good helper.
Spicy spicy nest chafing dish
Spicy spicy nest hot pot is the brand of Beijing spicy nest catering culture Co., ltd.. It adhere to the traditional Chengdu spicy taste, but also a bold attempt to combine new, has been in the market since a faction Hot pot.
Secret spicy nest pot, the selection of the most fresh authentic ingredients as the main material, accompanied by Chengdu master craftsman manual stir fry ingredients, through the production of multiple processes. Its dishes are rich, fresh ingredients, clean and sanitary, the bottom of the pot pure, delicious, delicious, not lit, widely praised by consumers.
At present, the secret Hot pot spicy nest launched to the market, fashion store (300 square meters) and light luxury shops (500 m) of the two franchise type. No matter, investors choose which stores, including the seven headquarters will provide construction technology and management, material supply and marketing manager, shop counseling and free dishes, update shop support for the franchisee, even if investors 0, can easily shop when the boss.
What about spicy hot pot soup? The most fire catering franchise project, spicy hot pot nest, delicious, not lit, get rich good helper.

Chaotianmen hot pot contract settled in Yunnan, Yuxi

Yuxi City, located in central Yunnan Province, north of the provincial capital of Kunming City, Southeast of Pu’er City, adjacent to the southeast of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, on the northwest of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous prefecture. Because of high grain yield and fine texture of tobacco leaves, Yuxi enjoys the reputation of “granary in Yunnan Province” and “hometown of Yunyan”. The main attractions: the Ailao Mountains, Fuxian Lake, Precambrian palaeo fossils etc..
Chaotianmen hot pot, which is to be settled in Yuxi, was founded in 1935. It is one of the representatives of Chongqing hot pot. It belongs to the old brand of Chongqing hot pot brand! It originated in the Chongqing Yangtze River and Jialing River two rivers along the coast of Chaotianmen port named, has the rich wharf culture, is the most representative of Chongqing dock culture brand, it is called “the name card of Chongqing”. It is also Chongqing Chaotianmen food and beverage holding group operated and built many years of “hot pot” brand, has a long history and a deep corporate culture.
The brand was founded, Chaotianmen has always been to “promote the Hot pot and spread the old Chongqing Hot pot culture” for the mission, and the pious and pragmatic work attitude, uphold the “integrity, rigorous, high-quality, innovative” business philosophy, the “rational and standardized” management principles “and the service concept of transposition thinking, in order to meet the requirement of”, have deep enterprise culture make Chaotianmen Hot pot full of vitality, but also to build a professional self-discipline management team and a strong brand competitiveness for the brand!
In product innovation, Chaotianmen Hot pot poured energy and enthusiasm, refined from food standardization to operation, thus to standard management for the enterprise to develop brand development in innovation and optimization! It is the historical heritage of classic craft, adopt the traditional production methods of Chongqing time-honored Hot pot, combine the modern diet harmonious and healthy concept, developed and launched the “beautiful frog head”, “secret chestnut chicken”, “fat” and “dry pot”, “Sichuan” Hot pot pot and ancillary products, to meet the different area, different people for tastes. In constant learning and exploration, Chaotianmen hot pot continues to grow, but also in the market competition to grow and develop!

Open a small pot store a year income

There are a lot of today’s Hot pot brand, little sheep, sea fishing, Little Swan, Liu Yishou…… Consumers are familiar with the brand, these brands in the years, constantly updated recipes, learn from other dishes of the essence, for their own use, to permanent new products, won the consumer’s favor. Well, how much is a small pot shop a year? How much money do investors need when investing?
Here, we first take a look a little Hot pot shop how much it costs.
1, shop costs
Since it is a small Hot pot shop, then, the natural area not too big, that small Hot pot shop in the area of 100 square meters, then to 60 yuan a square meter price calculation, then, 100 square meters per month rent is 60*100=6000 yuan, annual pay is 72 thousand yuan.
2, shop decoration
Open shop need to lobby, Hot pot meal, bar, kitchen were different decoration. In general, the lobby (door position) the need for decoration, dining hall and kitchen needs the general decoration, as long as the simple decoration on it. According to the market price, the total cost of renovation is about 20 thousand yuan.
3. Equipment fee
The cost of equipment including furniture, kitchen utensils, tableware, cooking equipment etc.. Usually, tables and chairs (30 units) 15 thousand; 30 thousand (kitchen utensils tableware; about 100 sets) the price is about 10 thousand yuan.
Count publicity fees, liquidity, utilities and other expenses, opened a small pot shop needs 100 thousand yuan.
Well, what’s the annual income for a small pot shop?
Generally, there are two kinds of chafing dish consumption, namely self-help and order. Now let’s take a look at the annual income of these two models.
1, self-service chafing dish shop
The price of self Hot pot and late, generally, noon dinner is priced at 39 yuan, the price is 59 yuan, according to our calculations, every day at noon, 30 people, 40 people at operating conditions so that the daily income is 30*39+40*59=3530 yuan, the monthly (30 days) sales is: 3530*30=105900 yuan similarly, annual income is 105900*12=1270800 yuan.

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